Rise of Besigye – A fictional narrative

September 10, 2016 • By


There was a strange feeling that night like a familiar ghostly memory one hated. Uganda had its access to social media cut-off, many internet users felt there was nothing else to do on the internet.  It was in the year 2016, elections had just been concluded and results swiftly announced after with so many missing parts especially the calculations that would leave a grade I child feeling bright.

The ruling party, National Resistance Movement was again declared victorious, a declaration many expected but a result few agreed with or even celebrated. A big win margin it was, and opposition flag bearer Kizza Besigye watching on TV from his house seated in a brown leather low armrest couch sighed in disbelief. It was his fourth attempt yet the results somehow still fouled him.

That evening, a day before the announcement of final results, Besigye after a hectic day went to bed nearly victorious. He was winning. He won while awake and lost as soon as his heavy eyelids gave in to sleep. If he needed to win, he had to stay awake, but there was only one problem, he was only one Besigye who needed to rest.

Every election period, the election results showed up to mock Besigye, they would come so close but end up being snatched by another lover leaving him stranded and crestfallen.

The following morning when Besigye woke up, previous day tally seemed to have changed sides to the NRM Camp like a disloyal servant. One man believed to be at the centre of this controversy was Eng. Dr. Kiggundu, the electoral chairperson. He stood at about 4 and a half feet tall, possessed a timeworn wrinkled face with full blown dull eyes, and spoke with an extremely weak voice – the same voice that would decide Uganda’s next president.

There was something unkempt about him, he appeared arrogantly untrustworthy which was made worse by his decision to speak less often and if he did, he spoke few words like a guilty suspect… be continued

Photo: Besigye campaigning in Jinja courtesy of News Week