A Career, A Child

December 13, 2016 • By

African Child courtesy of Nicole Zeug


A long not so long time ago, it was primary, secondary, university, work, marriage, wedding and then children. Thank God but blame him too for the surprises since this has greatly changed. Nowadays, a sigh, nowadays, another sigh, nowadays it is relatively different. It is shorter and more ‘shameful’. Boys and girls alike do it this way; primary, secondary, university, child, university, child, work and almost no marriage.

Somehow we have been plunged into a generation that refuses to stand up for its actions brought about by the technology created by that same generation. In one home, there is a parent spraying all sorts of words she can remember from ill-baked vocabulary to criticise why she conceived at such a tender age. This same parent has equipped her home with a 52Inch screen she hardly monitors. Her child is then lectured by flashes of pornography and mentored by porn stars. The inevitable happens. One good round of protected sex leads to more rounds of unprotected sex and sweet leads to seed.

However, as all these things happen around us, one thing for certain is there is no greater feeling that comes from carrying your own child in your arms, no matter what age you gave birth at, society will sting, will call you all sorts of hideous names but society would secretly wish to share in your joy.

The moment you welcome a new child into this world, trust what may, your world will stumble. For a man, if he stays that is, the troubles are avoidable, he can choose to sleep in the living room away from a night’s noise but for a woman, the term childbearing comes into play; she has to deal with a crying child, the poo and the pee, trying to smile when deep down you are dying to have a nap of just two minutes and come to terms with the fact that, the once flamboyant firm breasts will lose shape and so shall her body.

As all these things whirl around you, that child you now hold deserves a decent life and this means you have to get on your feet and work. If you are lucky enough, the person who put the child inside you in the first place stays, if you are not, he sprints at the first opportunity.

Hope to continue 

Image Credit: Nicole Zeug