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Pine Avenue 5, fate of the banished**

September 7, 2017 • By
Probably the is last I will see say about the ‘Pine Break Up’ because it is none of my business, neither is it yours. There are questions I have been querying myself, like weighing a few things here and there.
First of all, OJ Maxwell is a mature artist, rumour has it that this guy never gets annoyed. His level of down to earthiness is so deep it is second to none. How does he do it, how does OJ Maxwell remain so simple and calm, how does he get along with all the car washers and boda-bodas and all those people on the streets? How has he not said a word – maturity! I would love to script his press release, someone tell him, please! I am serious. If it helps, OJ is a devil, a red one.
Pine Avenue has done a lot for Mc Wang Jok and OJ Maxwell and the pretty witchtress* (for a lack of better word). The label clothed the artists to a standard they will struggle to uphold after the breakup, occasionally, they also had a car to hide in when they parked to buy Rolex in town.
I can only imagine the amount of money poured into promotions, productions, making of their videos (I will skip this part for obvious reasons) and buying awards (alleged). I think the label even bought NTV the Beat shares.
How will their relationship with producers and song writers and all those Pine Contracted go on? Will OJ lose the vixen in ‘Catchy Lover’? Yes, the girl who made playing in a swimming pool look like you would not feel cold afterwards. Can’t he Hi her ever again (Ignore this).
The second question I would like to ask is what happens to the music? Who should brag about the music? Who owns the songs produced during their tenure at the label? Can they perform it? Can they include it in their CVs, can they freely sing it in their bathrooms? Can they sing it at all or their contracts only allow them to whistle to these songs?
Are they even allowed to watch their own videos or they should look away when their videos play – point to note, this label has had pretty terrible videos, award winning terrible videos, someone should nominate them for NUEA.
So, are the former Pine artists or rebel artists (I like this one) or Pine fugitives? Should we say they are the artists that got away? Pretty B stayed, is she a traitor, does she not have the blood of defiance or are the two rebel artists, traitors?
Lastly, I read the Mc Wang Jok reference to his mother, father and what he is in relation to the press conference and this is where attitude and choice of words matter. And my boy has to go slow on this.
Truth be told, partnerships come to an end, others bitter, others not and announcing the end of a partnership spanning almost or over five years like…” resigned from my duties as an artist from PINE AVENUE5 RECORD LABEL. Any business done in my names with the company shall be deemed completely illegal”. Really! Like how ungrateful can one be in spite of their disagreements?
Only an ingrate does not thank someone for the numerous opportunities given to them after bitterly parting ways, only an ingrate. To the press conference, please!
The title is unrelated, hope you figured that out. Opinion is mine especially the serious part.

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An introduction to Marriage II

August 7, 2017 • By

If you are still reading this, there are two things involved. 
1.    You have probably aborted your plans to get married.
2.    You are getting married.

Either way, you are in the right place, I am not sure if you will get the right information here, but let’s give it a try. People do not willingly get married. Think about it, it is the society that wants you to, your parents want it too, or it is a prerequisite to acquiring citizenship abroad or another scam by the church to make money.

The Proposal
This is the hard part, if a woman proposes to you, please admit she has real love and conclude that you are screwed. However, if as a man, you develop balls and talk your way into suicide, remember that you will be reminded later when things go wrong that you made the move. She will even go ahead and tell you she didn’t want to get matrimonized in the first place.

What you will need
To propose, you will need a 750ml of vodka so you do not remember whatever it is you said that you shouldn’t have in the first place. CAUTION: The vodka is for two things; to help you say those dainty things and help in case she says NO to all you’re rattling afterwards. You will also need music, soft music – loud music does not really matter as long as it is not Maurice Kirya’s music lest you sound too serious. 

In your right state of mind, please acquire yourself a knee pad to help with the kneeling down OR ….. Purchase a walking stick and do it while standing. The ambience does not really matter, but a quiet place will get you peeing your pants. If you cannot handle the heat, an air conditioned room may come in handy. Remember to bring true friends around to clap when she says YES and to help open the vodka when things go berserk and never around random people, leave that for movies.

Note: Do not take any of this seriously.